24 safety protected

Our service quality concept – “24 Safety Protected” – sets new standards in the field of specialist logistics. It is the heart of our project logistics and the professional pulse of our company.

24: You can reach us any time of the day or night – 24/7, 365 days a year. We keep you updated on the current status of your critical transport, with the transparency you need to know exactly where your goods are at any time. You maintain the overview for the safety of your goods and to safeguard your relationships with customers. That is our concept of competent specialist logistics.

Safety: You benefit from our extensive experience transporting sensitive equipment for military engineering and defense technology. For many years, we have met the all standards of safety in this field, the most demanding in the world. As specialist logistics experts, we developed our unique safety concept and implementation procedures, which set new standards for logistics. And our reliability and trustworthiness are reflected in the enduring loyalty of our clientele.

Protected: Our innovative, proven concepts for securing loads for every contingency provide optimal security with the highest level of safety and ensure that your goods are delivered to the customer in pristine condition. Our diverse, trusted contacts throughout the world have the competence and capacities which enable us to transport goods through difficult regions and crisis areas without fail.

24 Safety Protected: The new standard in the field of specialist logistics. Made by expediaemundi.

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