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24. January 2019
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Multimodal transport of large running rings for a drum dryer
25. April 2019

Report Reference Oman Butting

In October 2018, expediaemundi GmbH acquired a new project in Oman following another successful project completed in 2016 for the same client.

The new project comprises the delivery of a total of 391 40ft HC containers in the period from December 2018 to March/April 2020 from the place of loading in the Netherlands to the handover of pipes to the final recipient in Sohar, Oman. Transport will be handled in about 31 shipment lots of no more than 15 containers each.

The responsibilities of expediaemundi GmbH include:

  • Customs presentation at the place of loading
  • Customs clearance for export, maritime freight and customs clearance for import in Oman
  • Unloading containers with visual inspection for possible damage at the expediaemundi warehouse in Sohar
  • Reporting to both the shipper and recipient and handover of the pipes to the recipient