For us, everything revolves around the client – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Every client, every order is unique to us: expediaemundi does not provide generic services. We work with our clients to develop individual solutions to best meet every need. With each transport, each order we focus on our clients’ wishes and venture beyond the paths most traveled with a keen awareness of those best for the business at hand. This inspires trust and provides a foundation for successful work together.

This trust carries over to our joint efforts worldwide. As specialist logistics experts, we understand the special considerations associated with transports in unfamiliar territory and regions beset by apparent difficulties.

We know the critical, intercultural aspects to keep in mind in every country of transit. We talk to the locals – in the ports, at the loading stations, at public authorities and other official places.

We know what we’re talking about. And we know what must be done to ensure that your shipment arrives safely at the right place and time. Your complete satisfaction is our most important objective.

We are here to assist you.