Country-specific Expertise

Other countries have other customs and unknown regulations, with intercultural peculiarities you’ll not find in any travel guide or official country profile. Only those who know the far corners of the world can ensure safe, punctual, cost-effective transport even for sensitive goods and equipment.

We are leading experts for specialist logistics, familiar with the special considerations for each and every country in which and through which your shipments travel. Our special expertise is transporting goods from and in regions with special economic, political and ethnic concerns. For many years now, we have also handled transports in crisis areas for military and aid organizations.

Furthermore, expediaemundi is also an expert for shipments of technology for security, military engineering and defense. This requires compliance with and application of the strictest standards for safety and security. And it helps to know that as specialist logistics experts, we are part of the classified security program at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs.

For you, this simply means that our competence in all matters of transport does not end at any border. On the contrary, that’s really where it stands out most.

We are here to assist you.