Report Reference Oman Butting
12. February 2019

Multimodal transport of large running rings for a drum dryer

Collage Laufringe

One of our established clients scheduled a new large shipment at the end of January 2019.

This involved multimodal transport of large ball races for a rotary dryer, made in Germany and delivered to China for an OSB wood products plant.

The two rings each had a diameter of 7000 mm and a height of 600 mm.

The preliminary transport to the harbor involved two heavy freight trucks and required the access road from the plant to the harbor to be cleared. The goods were transferred directly to an inland barge without interim storage at the harbor. The barge then proceeded to the seaport (Bremerhaven), where the shipment was transferred to a roll-on/roll-off vessel which carried the freight to its destination harbor in Guangzhou.

This transport is part of a large project which involves the coordination, transport, packing and forwarding by sea of deliveries from multiple European locations.

We maintained close contact with our client and suppliers while carefully monitoring the entire transportation chain and ensured timely, economical delivery of the plant components.