Renewable Energies

The advance of renewable energies is accompanied by completely new ways of producing energy – in very different places all over the world.

Expediaemundi, the specialist logistics expert, is your reliable partner to solve any transport problems in this field.

Rotor blades for wind turbines, cooling tower parts, or enormous transformers for substations: no matter what the challenge, we ensure that all equipment is transported safely, cost-effectively and on schedule to any place in the world.

This includes, for example, determining and assessing all roads, bends, bridges and bottlenecks to be encountered on the way from the factory to the final location, and planning the route accordingly. Negotiations with public authorities involved sometimes take longer than the actual transport itself. But that’s no problem for us. Specialist logistics go beyond the doors of administration.

And of course our complete service also includes the supply of urgently required spare parts for power generation facilities. We’re on the job for you – 24 hours a day, every day of the year – with all our energy.

We are here to assist you.