The specialist logistics market for the life science and healthcare sectors is currently influenced by three factors. First of all, the value of the goods to be transported is usually very high. This results in the second factor, a need for correspondingly effective security concepts, particularly to prevent theft, throughout the transport process.

And last but not least, there has been a progressive shift to transport by sea rather than air for some time now. Although this last factor sounds simple, it does in fact present innumerable logistics challenges.

This is where the expediaemundi team and our international partners are called upon to meet these challenges with logistics expertise. They know the best ways to facilitate such transports, the uncertainties that await and how to plan and act accordingly.

This is especially important, because the healthcare and medical device market (and thus transport services for it) is subject to strict regulations. expediaemundi is also a transport expert for this market.

We are here to assist you.