Defense Industry

Defense equipment and munitions must always meet the strictest quality criteria. The same applies to their transport.

Expediaemundi has been a reliable expert partner for specialist logistics to the security and defense industry for many years. We are the premiere experienced and specialized service provider for the defense, military, equipment and government sectors.

Nowhere else are the requirements so high as they are for transporting highly sensitive goods of security and safety relevance. Our long professional experience in specialist logistics is particularly critical here. We focus our personal attention on the entire process chain for military vehicles and equipment, from planning, decision-making, organizing transport, documentation and diplomatic approvals to packing, monitoring and escorting shipments – always in compliance with the law.

As renowned, recognized experts for specialist logistics, we ensure smooth logistics in coordination with the defense industry, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, various governments and NATO partners.

Civilian clients also benefit from our experience as a specialist logistics partner to the defense sector, because security, responsibility, and quality service are the benchmarks for all transports organized, initiated and supported by expediaemundi.

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