Regular discussions with our partner companies are all just a part of our daily business.

Together we review possible weak links in the process chain in various areas of activity, and develop specific solutions. Participants are obligated to brief their respective teams before each meeting and note their requests, concerns, and suggestions. The solutions developed are then recorded along with their results and integrated in our quality management system. The minutes of these meetings are also available to all involved.

At the same time, we conduct an ongoing, active evaluation of our partners in global logistics, including focused discussions to upgrade our shared capacities continuously.

For our clients this means the greatest flexibility and reliability along the entire logistics chain. That’s our understanding of specialist logistics.

Our Partners

Wolfgang Schlobohm
International technical investigator for load/transport safety in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012

» www.gws-schlobohm.de

German Cargo Services
GCS is a specialist for vessel clearance with local harbor authorities and service providers.
» www.gercargo.de

The company is an international specialist for project logistics, particularly in the oil and gas logistics sector.
» www.marlog-lbg.com/

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