Human experience: the critical factor for success!

Our philosophy, commitment and excellent working atmosphere make expediaemundi a stable employer, recognized and appreciated for these qualities and distinguished by experience, trust and high reliability.

You can look forward to a very pleasant environment for work, with excellent opportunities for personal development and advancement. A highly challenging genre of the transport sector awaits you, special with respect to the type and nature of the cargo carried products and how it is conveyed. No routine of shipments the same as always, no bulk commercial pallet business. Instead you’ll deal with sensitive products, critical transport assignments and clients of a unique level, challenging and requiring a nuanced approach.

The clear focus here is to personal, long-standing client relationships.

We are currently looking for:


for international and multimodal distribution services

Responsibilities include:

  • Comprehensive support for current customers (worldwide partnerships and networks), focused on their needs and requirements
  • Initiating and establishing new contacts and particular niches of the international transport sector
  • Determining customer wishes and recognizing potential and opportunities, such as possible subsequent or follow-up business
  • Support for all sales activities for ongoing improvement of customer relations and mutual information exchange
  • Responsibility for project presentations to customers
  • Price negotiations and application of change costs
  • Ongoing updates for customer needs
  • Responsibility for project presentations to customers
  • Active communication regarding potential improvement for projects and processes with the customer and internally

Candidate profile:

  • Sound commercial training, with additional technical background (in engineering, special construction, transport or related areas) desirable
  • Reliable understanding of distribution, technical sales or project management in the transport sector (logistics, supply chain, special transports, etc.) based on many years of professional experience
  • The ideal candidate will have a background in freight forwarding with the good sense for costs and feasibility
  • Comprehensive experience in costing, negotiation, customer management and interdisciplinary projects
  • A keen eye and open ear to stay abreast of market information, including niches and special areas for unusual standard business
  • Constant high level overview, awareness of opportunities for subsequent business; good communication skills with customers and in-house, ensuring that customer information reaches other groups and departments as needed to develop further business


  • Willing and pleased to travel anywhere internationally on short notice
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills in German and English; additional languages are advantageous
  • Communication skills, including presentations; flexibility, ability to work under pressure and assertive perseverance are advantages
  • Mobility to cope with travel activities


If the description above fits you, we look forward to receiving your detailed application, earning requirements and information on availability by e-mail to:

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