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12. February 2019

An outstanding event for expediaemundi GmbH!

On 15th January 2019, after successfully passing the final examination, the apprentecees signed their new employment contracts in the presence of their training manager.

The training period to become a forwarding merchant

Mr. Arnd Molitor, the training manager of expediaemundi GmbH, accompanied the apprentices Ms. Domenique Becker and Mr. Christopher Paas for two years in their apprenteship as forwarders and, from a forwarding perspective, together with the company owner, Mr. Wolfgang R. Nolte, and the colleagues from this company, laid the technical foundations for passing the final examination.

Today both former apprentices were able to sign their new employment contracts in the presence of all their colleagues.

They were able to sign it with their new working tool, a personal gift from Mr. Nolte. 

As part of her apprenteship, Ms. Becker has already spent four weeks in Singapore performing an internship at a partner company; in a few weeks Mr. Paas will be checking and monitoring the progress of one of his projects in Oman in cooperation with a customer as part of the project.